Personalized Program Design

At No Days Off Productions we have Hundreds of FREE workouts and exercise tutorials that are a fantastic resource that we are super happy to bring to you at no cost.

However if you are looking for a little more guidance our Can Fit Pro Certified trainer Ben Le Fort will work with you to develop a personalized workout program based off your fitness goals, fitness level, available equipment And your schedule!

Here's how it works. 

E-Mail to set up your FREE one on one Skype Consultation with Ben where you will review:

- Your Fitness Experience 

- The Results of your Fitness Assessment  

- Some of the barriers to reaching your goals and a plan to overcome them 

Once your Consultation is complete, if you choose to move forward Ben will put together your personalized workout plan. For $59.99 A month which includes unlimited access via e mail for questions and a weekly check in phone call to review the week that was and get ready for the week to come. 

E mail to start your fitness Journey Today!