Sponsorship Packages

No Days Off Productions- Company overview

No Days off Productions helps people achieve their fitness goals by providing the very best online workout & healthy food/recipe videos, completely free on our website https://nodaysoff.xyz/ .  We achieve this by providing two primary services to our users:

Content Curation: We handpick the very best free workout videos on the internet and make them playable through our website.

Content Creation: We create original, full length workouts that users can do at home, at the gym, and basically anywhere they can get an internet connection.

Sponsorship Package #1 

Promotion of Your Brand during our Workouts

We can use the “Water Break” (typically at least 1 minute) portion of our workouts to deliver a message, promoting the your company/product/brand. The two primary benefits of this type of promotion are;

1. You will have a captive audience. Our workouts are HARDCORE, the 1 minute water break is Mandatory to make it through the rest of the workout, this means the viewers will not be fast forwarding through the water break.

2. This content is “Ever Green” meaning we can keep tweeting out this sponsored workout for Years to come, the video will keep getting views and click to your site.

We can include a link to your online store in the description of the workout

For a negotiated amount of time, we can maintain your sponsored workout, as the featured video on https://nodaysoff.xyz/ 


Social Media Promotion 

We have a super dedicated following of fitness lovers on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

No Days Off Productions will provide an agreed upon number of Instagram posts and Tweets that promote Keep Healthy Inc and the healthy protein bars with a call to action and link to your  website/online store in the description

Monthly Sponsorship Fee: For details E-Mail Ben at ndopfit@gmail.com 

Sponsorship Package #2

Custom Video/Licencing 

Everything in Package 1 but we will also create a custom, promotional workout video that can be licensed for use in broader marketing strategy. 

For details E-Mail Ben at ndopfit@gmail.com